Whether your DMO is large or small, with a big marketing budget or a more modest one, a social media strategy can have a big impact. With over one billion people on Facebook and Instagram every day, social media channels have leveled the playing field through unparalleled access to potential travelers. And their influence on the travel industry is growing.


New statistics show one in five minutes on mobile is spent on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is maximizing its user's time and attention with innovative new travel products and has even begun collaborating with major hotel chains like Marriott. You won't want to miss new features like Dynamic Advertising, the ‘Book Now' button, and the new City Guides concept which showcases hotels, restaurants, and things to do in specific locales (click here to see Santa Fe's City Guide). It is increasingly critical for DMOs to optimize new features as they become available, but don't forget the basics: most consumers are looking for hotel rates and availability.


While Facebook does not provide the option of booking directly on its site, you can direct consumers to your rates and availability by linking the ‘Book Now' button to JackRabbit's Book › Direct platform. Consumers will be able to see the lodging information they need with a single click. Schedule a demo to find out how.