One of the core beliefs that drives the research and development behind Simpleview’s innovations is that products and services designed specifically for the travel and tourism market are the ones that will equip destination marketing organizations with the most efficient and effective solutions. Those solutions help DMOs connect visitors with unforgettable travel experiences in innovative ways, changing the landscape of not just the destination marketing industry, but travel and tourism, as well.

Yet we couldn’t continue to successfully innovate without the help of our User Groups and Advisory Board, who guide and test new solutions and provide valuable feedback that leads to ideas that are developed into DMO-centered solutions. User input, insights, and support—like those delivered at our fall user group onsite this September in Grand Rapids—have helped us to keep creating and evolving in the ever-changing travel and tourism market. This allows us to consistently deliver to you the technology, services, and best practices that keep you reaching the right visitor audiences with your unique destination story, and illustrating the returns to your board members and partner businesses.

“We have been using the CRM product since 2009. Being asked to serve on the CRM User Group has been a privilege. I and our VCB have gained so much knowledge from my counterparts on the User Group and I hope I have been some help to them as well. CRM has helped our sales team disseminate more information to our partners than anyone thought possible. Its has been a lifesaver in helping us prove our value to our local government and industry partners.

~Pam Brown, Conference & Event Manager, Lee County VCB

Within Simpleview’s offices, we also connect and share ideas, feedback, and solutions between our teams to encourage continued solutions and cutting-edge developments. “Show & Tell Lunch & Learn” sessions bring all departments together for discussions about system features and functions so we can all fully understand and communicate the latest advances and efficiencies to our family of clients and develop new ideas together.

We have no doubt that it’s because of this knowledge-sharing and dedication to forward motion and increasingly smarter solutions that on September 8th Simpleview was awarded the Copper Cactus Nextrio Innovation Award, right here in our hometown of Tucson. The Tucson Metro Chamber Copper Cactus Awards, presented by Wells Fargo, celebrate the accomplishments and innovation of Southern Arizona’s small businesses and charitable non-profit businesses. Nominees for the innovation award are judged based on their creative use of innovative processes or products to pioneer change in their industry.

We’d like to say to our DMO clients and user groups: We couldn’t do it without you.

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