Marketers spend much time, effort and money on gathering assets to be used for their marketing projects. If their filling and housing systems are not organized, however, digital assets often become unused or underutilized. With the exponentially growing number of assets to be managed and shared, brands, including destination marketing organizations (DMOs), can no longer rely on the traditional ways they have been using before for asset management.

Thankfully, DMO marketers are on the job, usually the first in a DMO to recognize the need for a strong Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. With marketing campaigns nowadays requiring more assets in order to execute well, DMO marketers don’t have the time to deal with the challenges of finding assets, duplicating work and dealing with brand inconsistencies from asset misuse.

One DMO that’s evolved from a DAM standpoint is Visit Frederick. In our latest case study, Barberstock helped the DMO’s staff organize and categorize their library of 11,000 images spread across 217 folders. Searching for files has gone from an all-day project to a quick task, and staff now has time and tools to refine their searches with keywords, ensuring that users can find exactly what they are looking for in an instant.??

The benefits of Barberstock’s system have been manifold for Visit Frederick. Check out the case study to learn more.