These days, most of us have a lot more free time on our hands. (I know I do!) If you’re an #emailgeek like me and you’re having trouble disconnecting from your work during this period of work from home, I’m here to help. I figured I’d put together a list of some of my favorite email resources to help you fill the time - and get your email fix - all while practicing social distancing! 

Listen to a Podcast 
If you’re feeling stressed and you want to escape into a world filled with email,  try out some of these podcasts!

  • Really Good Emails Podcast (There are only four episodes,, but they’re really good!) | We’re the epicenter of the email earthquake, but in a good and happy-shakey kind of way.
  • Delivering - a Podcast by Litmus | Delivering is a podcast that moves beyond just industry news for designers and developers and looks at the email industry as a whole, from strategy and copywriting to design, development, tooling, trends, culture, and more. Through industry analysis, in-depth interviews, and conversations with those shaping the email industry, Delivering illuminates an evolving and thriving community for email professionals and how email impacts not only business, but the world.
  • Ask Me About Email Marketing | Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to grow and engage your tribe. There are countless email marketing topics to explore, and our team at AWeber, an email marketing provider since 1998, has answered just about every question in the book. Put simply, we love email and can't stop reading, designing, sending, analyzing, and talking about it. Have a question about email marketing? Ask us anything! Each show we'll match a new question with an email marketing expert to deliver the best answer and help YOU become the best email marketer you can be.
  • The Everything Email Podcast | This monthly podcast led by Kerel Cooper, SVP of the Customer Journey Group at LiveIntent, breakdowns best practices, debunks myths, and explores innovations with experts to help you become an expert on all things related to email and people-based marketing.
  • My Dog Ate My Email | A podcast all about... email. 
  • The Email Marketing Show | What would happen if you asked a hypnotist and mind reader to talk about their obsession with email marketing? Join us every Wednesday for a brand new episode of The Email Marketing Show featuring the irreverent wit of Rob and Kennedy, as they share insights into modernizing email marketing and answer the question: "You've got your list, now what??"
  • The Marketing Cloudcast | The Marketing Cloudcast, the marketing podcast from Salesforce, is for Trailblazers who are leading the way in their companies and careers. Every episode offers key marketing campaign tactics, popular trends, interviews with marketing leaders, and relevant insights — such as social media stats and data management strategies in marketing today. Hosts Megan Collins and Tina Rozul will dive into topics such as performance on individual marketing channels, marketing career advice, the future of marketing, and beyond. Subscribe, be inspired, and become a Trailblazer.

Attend a Virtual Conference
If you have some free time, check out the 2019 Unspam Conference by Really Good Emails. “This is an email conference by email conference people (the founders have spoken at or attended more than 30 conferences in the past two years all over the world). Unspam is a community of fellow email geeks.”  

Get Back to Work
If you’re ready to get back to work, here are a few free tools to help you create awesome emails!

  • Email on Acid: An email testing platform (like Litmus) is offering a complimentary subscription for their email marketing tools. When you fill out the form, select the ‘Travel’ category.
  • MailTester: Test the spamminess of your email.
  • Emojipedia: The emoji search engine. A fast emoji search experience with options to browse every emoji by name, category, or platform. Just copy the emoji and paste it into your email.
  • Mitzy Subject Line Tester: Mizy's AI will help you write the best performing subject lines for your email campaigns by industry.
  • The Better Email Resources: The best resources on all things email, hand-picked by someone that's been in the industry for years and has spent a lot of that time wading through the muck to find the good stuff.

To all my #emailgeeks out there, I hope these resources will help you pass the time while working from home! Plus, you can check out some of the great things my digital marketing colleagues are doing in this recent webinar on digital marketing continuity