It’s easy to take a "set it and forget it "approach when it comes to mobile app strategy. You’ve launched your app and the downloads are coming in, so why put in the extra effort?

For starters, there are more than two million apps available to download in the Apple App and Google Play store. Additionally, more than 90 percent of mobile time is spent on apps. If you're not presenting fresh content to your returning users, you could get lost among the noise of available options. 

Updating your app content may sound like a big venture, but rest assured that we're here to help you revamp your app with tips that can be implemented within a month's time.

1. Turn and Burn  

  • You’re not a blackjack dealer at the casino, so what does this mean? It means that you can quickly and (almost) effortlessly rebrand and repurpose your app. Do you have a city-wide event coming up? Why not do an app takeover? You can create the content ahead of time using the draft feature in the Mobile App Studio (MAS), then post live when you're ready.

2. Add New Imagery 

  • A makeover can go a very long way, ask any of the Kardashians. You can change your in-app imagery by doing the following:
    • Upload new creative assets based on seasonality, events or campaigns.
    • Utilize user-generated content (UGC) you’ve gathered.
    • Add text to your images.

3. Update App Store Metadata

  • You’ve spruced up your app, so what's next? Make sure the world knows it. Change out your app store metadata like your app screenshots, description, icon, name and keywords. Did you know VisitApps now offers app preview videos and screenshot templates? Ask us how you can take advantage of these tools!

4. Revamp Layout and Structure

  • Modern interface styles these days feel plain and look rather similar. Take for example Instagram, Airbnb, Apple Music, Twitter or Lyft which possesses bold headlines and rounded serif fonts and minimal black and white interfaces with lots of negative space. No need to hire an expensive app marketing firm; something as simple as rearranging your containers can go a long way.
    • Create persona-based itineraries and have the user view and navigate content that speaks to them.
    • If you’re doing an app take-over, make sure this content is available first and easily accessible. What are you doing to set it apart from the other content in your app?
    • Are you using the Passport tool? Is it easy for your users to locate the tool and check-in? If the user has to click more than five times, you’re probably losing some of them.

5. Change Your Color Scheme

  • Have you updated your branding guidelines? Is your lime green background not really working during the winter season? Change your color scheme on the app. A pop of color can really go a long way. 

6. Be Consistent With Title Bar Actions

  • Consistency is key! Make sure all of your containers have the Search or Map function. 

7. Promote, Promote, Promote

  • Mobile
    • Send a push notification about the new updates and improvements you’ve made.
  • Website
    • Use a Smart-Banner. Did you know VisitApps can provide this? 
    • Dedicate a page on your website to the app.
  • Email
    • Include a link to the app in your newsletter.
    • Do you have a link to the app in your signature line?
  • Hotel/Restaurant Staff
    • Train the staff to be app advocates.
    • Use table tents and countertop signage.
    • Include information about the app with hotel key cardholders.
    • Include a QR code on coasters for easy download.
  • Social Media 
    • Create short and engaging posts. For example, take some killer screenshots of the app and upload them with the links. 
    • Are there any influencers in your area? Reach out to them to see if they would be open to using the app. Their insight and influence can help spread the word.
  • Digital Media
    • Take advantage of Facebook, Google and YouTube ad opportunities.
  • Traditional Media
    • Go with a good ol’ fashioned press release.
    • Go big or go home with a billboard.
    • Airport signage is great as it captures your ideal audience and user.

Our tips are simple enough, right? We guarantee there is a high payoff for cranking out fresh content on your app especially when the majority of your target audience is learning about you on mobile. Get creative, make an app campaign that stands out, engage your users and when you feel the time is right, repeat the process.