With VisitApps, building a world-class mobile app is easy. But unlike custom developers, we don't just part ways after the app is live. We give you tools to fully launch your app, as well as ongoing resources to keep it successful and up-to-date.

One of those ways is through tips and strategies for marketing and promoting your app.

After all, it's the thing we most often hear people say they need help with once their app is live. Luckily, there are a number of ways to promote your app to potential users that are not only easy, but free.

Don't have an app yet? Keep these tips handy for when the time comes-this is the training and advice we give to our customers for ultimate success.

Create Buzz Around Your App

The best way to promote your app is to get people talking. Here are some simple ways to create buzz:


  • App store optimization. Write a detailed description of your app that includes keywords, special features, and benefits so you place higher in search rankings and prospective users know what they're getting.
  • Your website. Place a banner or graphic on the homepage and other internal pages to remind them of your app as they browse your site.
  • Social media. Your friends and followers are already engaged with your brand. Give them even more ways to connect with you by getting the word out about your app.
  • Word of mouth. Take advantage at any point you have an audience-during a conference, at the check-out counter, or over the PA.
  • Press release. Make it easy for press to pick up your story by creating a "kit" of information that might include your logo, important links, user testimonials, and a link to your app in the app store.
  • Video. Video is one of the highest-converting mediums. Record a video featuring a recognizable face in your organization, as well as screenshots of the app to stimulate interest.
  • Email signature. Design a basic banner-like footer image that includes a screenshot and basics about your app. Don't forget to include a download button and link to your app in the app store!
  • Traditional advertising. It may cost more, but it's far-reaching. Consider billboards, television commercials, print ads, paid social, or banners and posters.


Start With a Soft Launch

Sometimes the pressure of a big initial launch to the world can be daunting-and unnecessary. Start with something lower key that allows you to stay in control. "Soft launch" your app by introducing it to 15-20 key stakeholders in your organization (like employees, volunteers, board members, etc.) so if changes need to be made, you've gathered feedback ahead of time that you can take action on before going live to the world.

Train App Ambassadors

Create a "taskforce" of ambassadors who will spread the word about your app by helping others download it or reminding your audience that it's available. Things are always easier when there's someone there in-person to help. Show your customers that kind of support and they'll give you high engagement in return!

Keep Users Engaged



  • Push notifications. Unlike an email that can sit unread in an inbox for weeks, push messages are alerts that pop up directly on the device your users always have on hand. As long as you don't overdo it, push notifications can drive 88% more app launches to keep them coming back for more content.

  • Gamification. Drive increased time spent in the app. Consider an app "scavenger hunt" that encourages new users to tour the app and find a secret code word or graphic. Then, reward the winner(s) with a prize.


Have an Ongoing Strategy

The success of your app doesn't peak when you launch. It's just beginning. Create an ongoing strategy that keeps your content fresh and engaging for high loyalty and ROI by:

  • Setting goals
  • Planning and scheduling ahead
  • Keeping brand messaging consistent
  • Continuing to gather feedback
There's no point in building an app if you're not going to use it to its full potential. Get the biggest return on investment and customer engagement you can by doing simple things to reminder users that your app is available and chock full of great content.