Nofo @ the Pig is a quirky combined Southern cafe, gourmet market and gift shop set in a former Piggly Wiggly supermarket. Rated as one of Tripadvisor’s Top 100 restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina, they have relied on great service, delicious food and word of mouth to get to where they are today. This past year, however, they decided to step up their online presence in hopes of attracting new customers in the area. In doing so, they leveraged the Destination Travel Network (DTN) and Yext to help them evaluate their digital footprint. 

The DTN team quickly identified several inconsistencies in the business’ online listings: 

  • The business name was inconsistent 
  1. Nofo was found as NOFO
  2. @ was found as at
  3. the was found as The
  • The address was still associated with an older business that was no longer in business (the Piggly Wiggly supermarket). 
  • The business hours are different for the coffee shop and the gift shop, though that was not shown correctly in the listings.
  • Delivery was not listed as an option, limiting their exposure. 

To fix these issues and increase online visibility, the DTN team used Yext to update the business name, address, and business hours for all of the live listings. They also added a note explaining the difference between the business hours for the shop and the cafe, to alleviate confusion between the two. Additionally, each of the listings was claimed and verified, duplicate listings were suppressed, and the Google My Business and Facebook listings were properly linked. 

As a result, Nofo @ the Pig has been able to organically improve their digital presence by providing accurate and consistent information across all of their listings. The business went from managing five listings on their own to managing 82 live listings with the help of Yext. Since October 2020, 507 listing updates have been sent to the 82 listings, and three menu types have been added and shared with 11 publishers. 

Results over a two-month period: 

  • Google Customer Actions increased by 118%
  • Google Desktop and Map impressions increased by 89%
  • Direct or Local Pack impressions have increased by 105%
  • Organic impressions have increased by 83%
  • Profile views outside of Google, Bing, Yelp increased by 86%
  • Website visits increased by 65%


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