User-generated content (UGC) has become very popular over the last few years, with many destination marketers incorporating it into their content marketing strategies. One reason for that adoption is that many consumers find marketing content with UGC to be more authentic and trustworthy than traditional forms of advertising.

Recent survey results by Longwoods International revealed that travelers are losing confidence in government sources and health officials when it comes to returning to travel and the safety of destinations.

We learned about how destinations are using UGC to promote the safety of their communities and inspire confidence in travel in our Layover Live interview with Amrita Gurney, VP of Marketing and Community with Crowdriff. Amrita’s advice in this area is to follow your destination's guidance, but stay true to your brand and to include examples of people who are participating in solo activities or keeping things safe either by wearing masks, following social distance measures, etc.

"As a DMO, as marketers, you have a great ability to storytell. So you can be responsible, but do it in a way that is really compelling." -Amrita Gurney

Many DMOs are focusing more and more on local engagement to help support their community and business partners. Amrita shared information on their new initiative, Localhood, and advice on how to use UGC to support local initiatives such as staycation campaigns.

Promoting your destination hashtag is a great way to collect user-generated content. It’s important to encourage people to share content with your hashtag by including it on your website, in your social media bios and by asking or reminding your followers regularly. Amrita also mentioned that this is a good time to consider new ones like #shoplocal and #localpride to help promote new focuses.

To learn more, catch up on our conversation with Amrita Gurney on The Layover Live. If you want to find out more ways to utilize UGC as part of your recovery strategy, please reach out to your account manager.


Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash