Given sudden changes due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may be suddenly juggling multiple job functions. You may also be doing administrative duties that are completely new to you, so a review of some of the CRM’s core functions will be especially helpful. Here are the three key areas we are noticing Simpleview clients may want to pay extra attention to during this time.

Managing Users

As staffing rapidly changes, it’s critical for both security and ongoing system management that your user access is set-up correctly. One key thing to remember is that if a user does leave your organization, you should make them inactive, keeping in mind you can always reactivate if the user returns to your organization. after you add a new user, you need to go to user groups and from there you can select from the drop-down which security role you’d like to grant that user. If you want to customize the actions available to a particular role, you can do that under the “Security Role” tab.


A couple of the biggest things that we are seeing right now is changes to contact types (due to changes in roles, or loss of roles) and lost codes due to changes with events and the new business continuity amenities. Keep in mind that anytime you see a drop-down inside the CRM, you can take a look at what the field is named and go into admin drop-downs to look it up by the field name to make changes. If you need to reassign records or traces to a new user, you can complete this using the user reassignment tool.

Extranet settings

When something happens in your Extranet, should anyone be alerted of those changes? If so, you’ll want to go into these settings and make sure the right people will be notified (either selecting by user role or specific users in the system). We are seeing this particularly as job functions change and team members are suddenly responsible for reviewing pending listing changes. If someone should be alerted when partners change their listings, make sure this is up to date.

To get a deeper look at these items, be sure to watch the webinar recording. You can also find all of our COVID-19 resources on our website, which includes all of our blogs, webinars and other materials. 

Please reach out to anyone in your Simpleview team for more information, or to Nicole Meade ( to request a topic that you'd like us to cover in the weeks ahead.