Greater Ft. Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Greater Ft. Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB) initially began their partnership with Simpleview in 2001 looking to transition from an "electronic brochure website" to an interactive website that they could maintain and update in-house. They also wanted a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to replace ACT!, preferably with tools that appealed more specifically to DMOs. And more recently, the Ft. Lauderdale bureau looked to Simpleview's interactive marketing services team to insure their online marketing efforts were being maximized and accurately tracked.

The Simpleview Choice and Solutions:
Simpleview content management solutions (Simpleview CMS) has transformed many "electronic brochure" websites into vibrant and dynamic online experiences. Its flexibility, scalability and overall ease-of-use allows users to update information, made it an ideal choice for GFLCVB. The fact that it was specifically designed for the DMO market with powerful bolt-on applications was another key consideration. More importantly, as Simpleview CMS is built around and seamlessly integrated with Simpleview CRM, the choice was easy to make. With this powerful combination, the GFLCVB can now capture and intelligently organize information from a variety of sources, identify top prospects and business opportunities, effortlessly create reports and sales forecasts, and easily update the website with fresh content to accommodate tailored e-mail promotions and other marketing initiatives. With all of this valuable data at their fingertips and the tremendous returns that interactive marketing campaigns can deliver, the GFLCVB turned to Simpleview for their integrated marketing services (Simpleview IMS). From strategic planning to creative services, campaign creation and execution, Simpleview IMS will drive interested visitors to the GFLCVB website and destination. Simpleview IMS also provides superior analytics to track key perform ance indicators linked to every online marketing campaign.

Since implementing Simpleview's solutions, the GFLCVB has experienced tremendous spikes in productivity, accountability and cost savings. Simpleview CMS has allowed their employees to easily make web changes on the fly, saving time and money while sparing them major headaches. Simpleview CRM, integrated with the Simpleview CMS, has given staff the ability to track all leads, use databases to implement marketing campaigns, monitor online marketing initiatives, and reclaim valuable time previously wasted on building custom reports.