"When Paul W. McCallum moved to Grapevine in 1987, he recalls only two restaurants and a few fast food places in town. Grapevine only had about 2.2 million visitors, but McCallum could see its potential.

"The thing that made Grapevine appealing to me was that the elected leadership wanted to guide the growth and development of Grapevine," he said. "It had everything it needed to be the complete town. The small towns around it were quickly becoming bedroom communities, and Grapevine did not want to become a bedroom community."

Originally from the Australian outback, McCallum is known as "P. W." to his friends. He finds many similarities between Aussies and Texans: a love for the outdoors, a can-do attitude and hospitality. Whereas he previously worked as director at the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Melbourne, Australia, he has now lived in Texas for decades, even serving a six-year term as director of marketing for the Fort Worth CVB before starting in Grapevine."

NEWS ARTICLE: ImpactNews.com