2016 was CRM Analyst Colleen McIntyre's first year utilizing PED. She chose to participate in a three-day, remote Google Analytics class in order to better understand how our clients can make use of tracked, measured, and reported website data, including site traffic, engagement, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Colleen admits she is a bit of a data miner in her spare time, but this was her first time taking a formal class. She had researched Google Analytics on her own and set up websites, but viewing ongoing education as a positive and acknowledging the growth potential that can come from more of an understanding of the client experience, she chose to take part in this structured training.

"I am a CRM analyst, and have been on a number of calls where I get the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) perspective ... but it was good to have an understanding of what my clients are experiencing as they go through the process."

Classes ranged from glossary discussions to mechanics to hands-on set-up. Instruction covered industry terminology, breakdown and flow-in other words, how do you get in and break down the data-referrals and their origins, report targeting, evaluation benchmarks, and keywords and placement. The classes helped Colleen see why placement, rankings, listing hits, and views are important from the client perspective.

The hands-on portion of the course, which covered individual reports, keyword levels, and percentages and how to interpret them, dedicated time to truly digging into the information, as opposed to just reading, added Colleen.

Colleen appreciated being able to take the time that PED affords to gain a better awareness and perspective of Google analytics and her clients. "Take advantage of that time; it really is a gift," she says.

Like most Simpleview staff, her education won't stop with these courses. Colleen currently has webinars lined up for business analytics and project management, as well.