I'm excited to announce our support for Google AMP in your Simpleview CMS has arrived! If you’re not familiar with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), it’s an initiative by Google to make mobile content easier to consume. You’ve most likely experienced the power of AMP before if you’ve used Google on a mobile device and selected a news story from a Google Search carousel.

And that news story page probably came up immediately. Google estimates pages utilizing AMP can load up to 10x faster than traditionally designed web pages! Pages that are fast, visually appealing and high performing, qualities that will help improve user engagement and ensure a more seamless user experience with your site.

The opportunities to AMPlify content within your Simpleview CMS abound. From blog posts to Listings, Events and Offers details; there’s a plethora of content for you to AMPlify on your DMO’s site. More than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been published so far across thousands of sites. If your DMO’s isn’t one of them, I encourage you to download our AMP Simpleguide today!