Everyone knows that data is king. The trick for us as destination marketers is how do we effectively distill it down, visualize and interpret all of it?

That’s why we were so excited to share our Insights Hub this spring in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, which has helped destination marketing organizations (DMOs), and the rest of the industry understand the ongoing changes while giving us all a chance to be in the best possible position to respond when recovery begins. In these dashboards, we plot benchmarks in live time for information like web traffic and event bookings as received in aggregate from over 200 DMOs.

As valuable as this offering has been, we wanted to take it a step further for our valued customers. With that in mind, we’re introducing a few updates to the Client Portal that we think you’ll love. Now, when you login, you’ll see the DMO Industry Data module, which is broken down into five categories: all traffic, organic traffic, paid traffic, lodging and air travel.

Client Portal Dashboard

For traffic analyses, there are two powerful new additions to these charts: regional performance and drive-fly-local breakdown. This makes it easier than ever to drill down into how your own region (those more likely to be dealing with similar challenges) is faring, as well as looking into the interest as it breaks out into proximity to your destination, thereby helping you to inform tactics like advertising campaigns or social media messaging. For instance, if you are able to track an increase in demand within your drive markets, you may decide to devote more resources, media budget and content marketing (social media campaigns, blog series, etc.) to delivering road trip ideas, incentives and packages for those travelers.

The lodging and air travel analyses are also robust, fed by TSA traveler throughput and geolocation information to see which airports are bouncing back the fastest. On the hotel side of things, you’ll be able to analyze hotel partner referrals, booking average days in advance and length of stay — all compared year over year.

How are you going about putting the data and insights from the portal to use in your destination? If there is any way we can help you to strategize, please reach out to our team by clicking the button below and we would be happy to help!


Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash