We continue to see destination marketing organizations (DMOs) ramping up their creativity to prepare for recovery at the other side of this pandemic. Specifically, many DMO websites are adding community resources, businesses updates with regard to closures and changes in hours, and event listings that show what’s still on, what’s gone virtual and what’s on hiatus. With all this in mind, we wanted to remind you of a few Simpleview CMS features and workflows that will help you best manage your website at this time.

  1. Lean on page drafts and CMS tags. Don’t forget to utilize the internal notes feature in the Page Builder to track your content changes or purpose. This is particularly helpful when updates are being made to pages on an ongoing basis, so you have a tracked record of changes made and why they were made. Keep in mind that tagging all your content types can easily help find and pull items as needed. 
  2. Update listing and event details pages. You can place a text box on the System page that includes a single piece of messaging that will display consistently across all of your individual listings pages which are fed from your CRM. 
  3. Don’t forget redirects. When a page is reassigned or unpublished, make sure that you set up a redirect for the old link. That will make sure that your users have a seamless experience if they click an old link via a bookmark, social, email or elsewhere.
  4. Build resource pages. If you do create a community resource page for COVID-19, keep in mind that you can always repurpose that page versus sunsetting it down the line. Rockford offers a great example of how to create a stand-out resource page.
  5. Utilize special alerts. This tool is a pop-up message that can appear either on a specific page, or across your site, directing users to a key piece of content. In the future, these can also be used to drive people toward email newsletter sign-ups, contests, campaigns or timely calls to action.

Not only is your Simpleview CMS equipped to help you connect with your audience during COVID-19, but there are many ways you can use it to transition your site with evergreen resources in post-recovery. Watch the webinar to get more detailed steps on the items above, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.