Tucson, July 1, 2011 - Have you clicked "Help" in Simpleview CRM lately? If so, you've probably already tapped into the first several chapters of the new CRM 3.0 User Handbook

CRM handbook ch 7Simpleview CRM 3.0 is a beautiful, complex thing - technology that merits a comprehensive User Handbook, and by comprehensive, we mean about 700 pages.

That's what we've estimated the finalized handbook will come in at: 16 chapters in all, designed to help educate clients new to Simpleview CRM or be the go-to refresher for long-time users with screenshots, detailed, step-by-step instructions and use-case examples.

When completed, the handbook will include two major sections. Part 1 covers CRM basics, searching, reports and admin functions. Part 2 will dedicate a chapter for each type of user group.

The full guide is still under development, but the first seven chapters are live now, accessible from the Help button in Simpleview CRM. Check it out, watch for more updates on progress and, as always, we welcome your feedback.