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Good news, email marketers. Gmail has made some long-requested changes this fall that will make email building easier than ever and email viewing and engagement more user-friendly across devices.

Needless to say, we're a little excited about this news.

Why This Is Big

While some support elements are still rolling out, as of the end of September Gmail now supports:

  • Media queries
  • External stylesheets
  • Classes and IDs
  • Background-position and size

"With Gmail's support for media queries, over 75% of email clients will support responsive design."


What This Means for Email Designers/Developers:

More control over email message styling:

  • Gmail will support queries against screen width, orientation, and resolution
  • Inline CSS is no longer required for styling, reducing email size, code bloat, and coding time
  • Additional font styling is available
  • Columns of text can be created without tables

Easier template building:

  • Easier to optimize layouts for a variety of devices
  • Responsive templates can be used
  • Gmail CSS Support Reference available
What This Means for Email Recipients

Emails will be more accessible:

  • Content will adapt to fit their screen
  • Text will be easier to read, images easier to see
  • Engagement with calls-to-action (pressing buttons, for example) will be easier

"In 2015, 52% of emails were opened on a smartphone."

~ Kristen Dunleavy, How to Take Advantage of Gmail's Support for Responsive Email Design

46% of Travel and Hospitality consumers opened email on their smartphones

~ Movable Ink
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