Experience design in action with the state of New Mexico.

Experience Design, or XD for short, is the practice of designing interactive digital environments that focus on the quality of the user experience. These environments thoughtfully take into account all aspects of the end-user's experience while telling the story of the destination and the Destination Marketing Organization’s product and service offerings.

Our experience design encompasses every touch point along the visitor’s travel journey. From dreaming to considering, planning to booking, and finally experiencing the destination first hand. It is not just limited to digital experiences.

XD is about creating solutions that make sense. Solutions that meet DMO business goals and objectives and address the user’s wants and needs. Solutions that are based on research and analytics, and that translate to results.

We work to create a holistically integrated experience and design framework for users to interact with across a variety of mediums.

Interactive Experiences:

  • Responsive Websites
  • In-Market Apps
  • Interactive Maps or Thematic Maps
  • Digital Visitor Kiosks
  • Meeting Planner Bid Books
  • Digital Brochures
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
Experience Design in Action

Make the most of Experience Design

Whether your current website design needs a refresh or a complete overhaul, it may be time to look at the quality of the experience that you are putting out into the world. Are you portraying the experience you would like your website users or visitors to have? Are the pages on your website telling the story you want to tell or inspiring the action that you would like visitors to take? Does the design reflect the essence of your destination?

Each Experience Design group member at Simpleview is not only knowledgeable of the latest UI/UX trends and industry best practices, but is also an expert with the Simpleview CMS tools. The XD group understands how your site visitors think, and use that knowledge to design interactions and custom experiences that seamlessly integrate with the CMS. This provides the framework for marketing professionals to successfully promote their destinations, increase engagement, and drive user action.

SIDE NOTE: The first image included in this post was taken as we were designing the New Mexico experience. Working with the New Mexico Marketing team was a “True” partnership. That trust gave our team the opportunity to design an immersive experience that brings the brand essence to life in the most inspiring way. The combination of working with wonderful brand assets, maximizing creativity, and delivering a quality user experience all contribute to this outstanding website.

Hermes Award“The New Mexico True digital team is honored to work with Simpleview. The partnership we have with them has enabled our team collectively to design the best possible product not only for potential visitors to New Mexico, but our residents as well. We have an award-winning design and a product we truly can be proud of. We look forward to a continued partnership with the Simpleview design team.”

~ Jordan Guenther, Director Brand Marketing & Advertising, New Mexico Tourism Department