Three quick announcements on changes in the CRM team at Simpleview

Expanded Support
First, we're expanding our CRM support team to match our growing client base in this area and ensure fast, reliable responses to your needs.

We're on the search for new talent now but have already added a Project Manager, Jessica Johnson, and created the new role of CRM Support Representative, now held by Christina Leffler.

Jessica comes to simpleview with considerable experience interfacing with clients, including positions as VP of customer relations for the online marketplace and as a support specialist for the global biomedical company, Beckman Coulter.

Christina Leffler you already know from the Simpleview front desk (now the voice of Terry Kimberlin). Christina ("Chrissy") has been with Simpleview 2 years and knows the finer points of working with the CRM team and the rest of the Simpleview staff better than anyone else.

Eddie Talkington Managing Implementations
Second announcement, Eddie Talkington is moving into a full-time focus on new CRM projects as Manager of CRM Implementation, the lead when it comes to making sure each new implementation happens accurately and efficiently, with all the I's dotted and T's crossed.

Anyone who has transitioned DMO data to a new CRM platform knows it can be a delicate process, and anyone who's worked with Eddie on implementation knows what a critical role this is and how dedicated he is to getting it right.

Liz Fernstrom Directing CRM Operations
Last but not least, Liz Fernstrom, whom many of you have worked with as a CRM Project Manager, has taken on the role of Director of CRM Operations.

Liz has worked with Simpleview for 3 years, focused exclusively on CRM and developing a solid understanding of both CRM development and client needs along the way. But that's only half the story: Liz came to Simpleview with some pretty impressive leadership experience under her belt.

Given her background in operations and business management for smaller, entrepreneurial businesses as well as a mega-giant like Getty Images, we're excited to see what she'll do helm of the CRM ship!