Simpleview & Ruf Strategic Solutions unite to give DMOs powerful consumer intelligence 

TUCSON, May 12, 2011 - This summer, every destination marketing organization (DMO) using Simpleview CRM will now be armed with new customer intelligence - how many have moved, how many have an email address, what is the age of my customer- literally overnight. In other circumstances, this kind of data analysis could cost upwards of $10,000 per DMO, but it will be provided free to all simpleview CRM customers thanks to a joint initiative by Simpleview and Ruf Strategic Solutions.

How It Works: Data Analysis to Feed New Tools in simpleview CRM
In Q3 2011, Ruf Strategic Solutions will execute a massive analysis of nearly 8 million consumer records that span the 120+ implementations of Simpleview CRM, running the data against their extensive consumer data resources.

Shortly thereafter, a new tool - the Consumer Data Health Check - will appear within every implementation of simpleview CRM, automatically added via remote upgrade.

At that point, just by clicking to the Health Check dashboard, all simpleview CRM customers will gain powerful new understandings of their consumer records via graphs, pie charts and statistics on critical data points.

Simpleview and Ruf will refresh the data once or more a year, with frequency to be determined following rollout.

14 New Data Points + Visit Propensity Matrix & Consumer List Options
Information automatically provided by Health Check can be divided into six categories:

1. Data statistics: Health Check will report on:

  • Customers by age and income
  • Top five geographic feeder markets represented
  • People who have moved

2. Data Fixes: Health Check will flag records that DMOs can act on for 1-click resolution:

  • Duplicate records (at the individual and household levels)
  • Records with invalid email addresses

3. Data Enhancements: Health Check will also flag records that can be appended with additional consumer data:

  • Appending records with age and household income info
  • Segmenting data by age of head of household and household income

4. Visit Propensity Analysis: Using state-level data, Health Check will bubble-chart consumers by propensity to visit ("cash cows," "stars," "dogs" and "problem children" in the language of the Boston Consulting Group's popular growth-share matrix) - data that can help you save thousands on collateral fulfillment, engage your best prospects, reward your most valuable visitors and more.

5. Address Correction & Enhancement Options: Health Check will flag and quantify records for which further improvements can be purchased:

  • Records with change of address info on file with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
  • Records that fail delivery validation checks used by the USPS
  • Records with new email address information available
  • Records with multiple email addresses at the household

Note: report provided at no cost, services available for purchase.

6. New Consumer Data Options: Last but not least, Health Check will make available for purchase data lists of additional consumers statistically likely to visit.

Note: report provided at no cost, lists available for purchase.

Only with Simpleview CRM
Health Check builds on the SmartView product - also a Simpleview/Ruf collaboration - that offers similar data services in nightly syncs. That product remains an option for DMOs wanting daily updates while Health Check offers data enhancement - less often but at no cost to users.

"Our customers have heard me say that as more people transition to Simpleview CRM, it lets us to do more to advance the industry overall, and this is a perfect example," said Simpleview CEO Ryan George, noting that simpleview and Ruf negotiated discounted services based on bulk data processing and simpleview's extensive client base.

"What we're paying to do this is a fraction of what it would cost DMOs to get this information on their own, and it's only possible because we have an unmatched critical mass of users and data."

Ryan also noted that Health Check introduces a consumer data point not available anywhere else: how information indexes against the combined records across the simpleview CRM user community - nearly 8 million records now and growing daily.

Preview and Other Announcements at Simpleview Summit
Simpleview and Ruf Strategic Solutions have completed planning and validation for the initiative and announced Health Check at the annual Simpleview Summit last week.

The news marks the third of four major CRM-related announcements for 2011, George said, the first and second being the introduction of per-user licensing at less than $1,200 per year and a new, Smartphone-optimized interface announced in March.

"We've always strived to push the boundaries of what CRM can and should do for our customers," George said. "I see Health Check as a huge leap ahead, and we're still just getting warmed up. By the end of this year, and at no cost to them, our customers will have more knowledge and competitive resources at their fingertips than they've ever had before."

About Simpleview
Simpleview helps destination marketing organizations (DMOs) succeed on every front, from convention sales to tourism marketing and day-to-day operations. The company offers integrated products and services including the industry's most advanced CRM and CMS platforms, powerful forecasting and reporting tools, dynamic websites, sites for mobile web, search engine optimization and interactive marketing. Founded in 1991, Simpleview employs 70+ people with offices in Tucson, Dallas and San Diego serving 170+ domestic and international destination marketing organizations.

About Ruf Strategic Solutions
Ruf Strategic Solutions delivers a full suite of intelligence solutions to help organizations acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and develop one-to-one relationships to maximize profitability. Ruf's unique ability to integrate vast arrays of data, technology tools, and over 30 years of expertise empowers organizations with truly actionable and measurable intelligence. Ruf currently services many market leaders in a variety of industries.

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