This month's tip comes from Asaka Narumi, Web Marketing Manager at Visit Pittsburgh

"We all spend a lot of time making sure our sites are highly ranked in the various search engines, but one misstep and you can undo years of hard work.

Before making changes - big or small - talk to your Simpleview SEM team to discuss the effects your intended changes could have on your rankings. By discussing your intentions, you and your team can explore how these changes can affect your rankings and site traffic. Together you can plan to capitalize on unique opportunities or have a game plan in place to counter any negative consequences.

On a similar note, it is best practice to communicate all recent changes to site pages and navigation to your simpleview team. Regular communication helps simpleview work more efficiently to update meta data, redirect broken links and find problem pages - helping protect the rankings you worked so hard to maintain.

Communicate with your team to exploit their knowledge and expertise to your advantage!"