Full disclosure, I'm a cat person.

But with so many delightful pups at the office, I've gone to the bark side.

I can't help falling in love with these dogs! Simpleview is one of those lucky places to work, where you are allowed to bring your dogs into the office. It's a pawsome perk, in addition to a relaxed dress code and endless cups of tea. Whenever I'm having a ruff day (the puggle is real), petting my furry friends brightens my mood.

Get to know a few of the Dogs of Simpleview:


Bogie is a mutt, his dad was part labrador, part dalmatian and his mom was a pitbull mix. Bogie is going on 10 years old this year!

BogieNamed after Mr. Bogart

"His name is kind of punny... my dad had this golf polo that had a cartoon version of Humphrey Bogart, with the cigar hanging out of his mouth, embroidered on the chest. It said "Bogie" underneath it which is Bogart's nickname and "bogey" is also a golf term. Long story short, he's named after Humphrey Bogart!"

Tricks for Days

"Bogie is very proper, he typically lays and sleeps with his paws neatly crossed in front of him. His favorite trick that he can hold for a long time is ‘sit pretty' where he sits up on his butt, both paws in the air."

Alternative Pup-facts

"It's scientifically proven that dogs are good for human health. So if work has been particularly stressful, petting Bogie lowers my heart rate and decreases that stress. Bogie makes me feel safe and boosts my mood to be more social as well."

Bogie belongs to Shannon Dunn, a DTN Operations Specialist at Simpleview.




Chloe is a Beagle/Shepherd mix and is about 2 1/2 years old.

ChloeBilingual Mutt

"Someone had abandoned Chloe when she was about 6 months old and she was found near a little pond in Mexico. During the adoption process we learned that she was bilingual and knew commands in Spanish and English."

Pawsitive Boost

"Our Simpleview staff works really hard each day, so having Chloe at the office is a great way to keep the stress level down. I've had coworkers tell me that they were having a tough day and just petting her for a couple minutes helped give them a positive boost. Also, Chloe gives me a reason to get up and move. Even if it's just for a quick walk around the building, it's always great to get some fresh air and a little exercise."


Zoe? Bowie? Joey?

"I would love to say that I have a super awesome story about how Chloe got her name, but the reality is that I just said a bunch of names out loud until one stuck."

Chloe belongs to Lynsey Brewer, Client Success Manager at Simpleview.



Moose is a Chiweenie, also known as a Chihuahua Dachshund mix.

MoosePsychedelic Namesake Tale

"The Simpleview competitive vape club went to Sedona and simultaneously blew a smoke ring into a vortex. The ring that was created traveled back in time 2 years to an early morning in march. The vape cloud formed into arbitrary letters above Moose's then pregnant mother. Upon birthing him she looked up and read the letters out loud. "Moose. I shall call you Moose.", she said as a single dog tear rolled down her dog cheek on to her smoldering Nagchampa cone. One more look up and the letters were gone. ‘Namaste heavenly father of the CDROM world. Namaste,' Moose's mother licked him clean of his birth sack fluids and she couldn't shake the imagery of Monster Energy Drinks dancing over a sea of Redbull."

Pooping Skills

"He can be vocal and loves to play. He can poop the shape of the Stussy ‘S'."

Endangered Moose

"I used to bring Moose into the office a lot when I first got him, now I bring him in once every 15,000 years. I love my little buddy. Not everyone gets to see a pupper all of the time or know unconditional love from a creature so I think it is more of an enjoyment to others who might not have this in their lives."

Moose belongs to Willie Maglothin, Creative Developer at Simpleview.



Mila's full name is Mila Rodriguez. She is a rescue dog, but the shelter where she was adopted claimed that she's partly Australian Shepherd. Mila was named after Mila Kunis, because her owner, Mercedes, thought she was as beautiful as Mila Kunis.

MilaBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

"She knows some good tricks. When you say "bang" and point a finger gun at her, she rolls onto her back and puts her paws over her eyes."


"Mila loves networking around the office (especially with Terry, keeper of the treats) and she's a welcome reminder to get up and stretch my legs periodically. When I'm working, I feel more calm and focused with her chewing on a tennis ball at my feet. I try to bring her into the office for one day every other week."

Mila belongs to Mercedes Rodriguez, SEM Sitemap Analyst at Simpleview.



Henry might be the smallest dog of Simpleview, he is a Yorkshire Terrier disguised as a toy.


HenryFormerly Known as Stud


"Henry is a pretty unique dog. He actually has no teeth! Yorkies can lose their teeth pretty early in life but before we adopted Henry he was pretty neglected. He was used as a stud at a puppy mill. The smaller the Yorkie the more expensive they are and Henry tops out at only 6lbs. The puppy mill was rightfully shut down and a very kind family took him in and fostered him until they could find a good home for him. That forever home ended up being my fiancé, Ashley, and I! Since he doesn't have any teeth he has to eat canned wet dog food with a little water mixed in so he can lap it up with his tongue."

Tongue = Happy

"Henry's tongue hangs out of his mouth most of the time. Since he has no teeth it just kinda hangs out there. It's like his happiness meter. The further his tongue hangs out the happier and more relaxed he is. It looks pretty derpy."

Seagulls are the Devil

"Henry is also very tolerant of most animals. Actually he doesn't even acknowledge the existence of most other animals besides dogs. Except for one... and that's Seagulls. Doves? Fine. Quail? He will walk right beside them. Any other bird doesn't even exist in Henry's world but when he sees a seagull he goes full on attack dog! He will run straight into the ocean with blind fury after a seagull."

Are those crumbs in your pocket?

"Having Henry at work is great. It's my favorite perk of working at Simpleview. It's hard to have a bad day when you have the cutest little dog sitting at your side. It's almost like having a therapy animal. He also reminds me to get up and walk. Without Henry my life, especially at work would be much more stagnant. I also like how happy he makes other people. He's like a work therapy dog for everyone. He's just so damn cute he makes everyone smile. Whether he is trotting through the hallway or hauling ass into the kitchen to look for crumbs everyone one who sees him just smiles and giggles."

Henry belongs to Travis Yewell, Interactive Designer at Simpleview.