With the company growing as fast as it is, we have some new furry friends in the office. (Just call us The Fast and the Furriest, badum bum.) One of the perks of working at Simpleview is you are allowed to bring your friendly dogs into the office. Workplace health and well-being is a priority at the company, and this pet-friendly policy is a fun perk.

Let me introduce you to a few more Dogs of Simpleview:


Abby the Rottweiler is a clever pup that is quick to learn a new trick.

Homebody, Healthy Buddy

“Although we take several walks a day, Abby only goes to the bathroom at home, not while at the office. No need to travel with little bags. I bring Abby in everyday I’m in the office; a companion forces me to get up and move every once in awhile.”

Sloppy When Wet

Abby will jump in the pool year round, no matter January or July. She also drinks in a funny way, by putting her whole head under the water in a bowl (or the pool!) and makes a crazy mess.”

Abby belongs to Derrick Race, a CRM Analyst at Simpleview.


Jack is Chocolate Lab who adores his owner, Leah.

Just Jack

“Jackson Selleck Stiver goes by "Jack." Jackson is the first street I grew up on in Wisconsin - it means family and home to me. Selleck is due to my adoration of Tom Selleck. And JSS is just a fantastically classy monogram.”

World’s Healthiest Officemate

“I bring him more for myself than for his benefit. On days when I have to shut the office door and knock out work, he is a reminder to get up and stretch. It's hard to be overwhelmed when his quiet spirit is only arm's length away. He definitely makes days more productive and positive with his presence.”

Jack belongs to Leah Stiver, a CMS Project Manager at Simpleview.

Olaf “Boots N Pants” Pape

Olaf is a shedding fur breed (so, technically, a mutt).

His nickname

“We got him from the pound, where he was named Olaf. My daughter gave him the middle name of “Boots N Pants” based on this classic Geico commercial [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxc2nCmZzrs].”

Guarding Against Surprise Attacks (Or, Cujo vs. Cato)

“Bringing in Olaf has allowed me to work in peace. I know that when Olaf is with me, Scott will not enter my office and attempt to kill me again. Let me elaborate ... In an effort to become more efficient and less distracted, I decided to turn my desk to face the wall. I wanted my back to the door so I'd focus on my computer screen and not individuals walking by. Little did I know that my coworker, Scott, was a trained assassin. One day while I was working and listening to Classical Piano music, he tiptoed into my office like a ninja. Once he was within striking distance, he grabbed my shoulders with a death grip and said, ‘I could have killed you.’ He then turned and walked away. Thanks Scott!”

Olaf belongs to Ryan Pape, a CMS Project Manager at Simpleview.


Akela is an Alaskan Klee Kai, also known as a miniature Husky.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf …”

“I named Akela after one of the wolves in the Jungle Book movie. Her right eye is half blue and half brown. She likes to jump into bushes for no apparent reason, and loves to say hi to anybody and everybody.”

Conversation Starter

“It's nice having her around and being able to turn around and have her instantly lighten the mood. It's also been great socially, as I've met and talked to a lot more of our co-workers since I've been bringing her to the office.”

Akela belongs to Imaan Hooper, a CMS Junior Developer at Simpleview.

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” ~Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book


Keiko is a Keeshond; some breed nicknames include "The Smiling Dutchman" and "Velcro Dog."

The K is for CUTE

“I wanted a name that started with the letter "K" because she's a Keeshond - the Japanese name Keiko (pronounced Kay-koh) sounded friendly and cute and matched her personality.”

She has a diverse fan base - from felines to humans

“I bring her into the office at least once a quarter. She used to visit more often until I adopted a kitten named Milo who is very attached to her and waits by the door until she gets home. Keiko loves playing with her "brother" Milo! On days I bring her in, I take more breaks away from staring at the screen to take her out for a quick walk. I love her company and she always brings smiles to my coworkers' faces.”

Keiko belongs to Tracy LeGault, a Senior SEO Analyst at Simpleview.


Ruby is Miniature Pincher, although she is always mistaken for a Chihuahua; when she’s at full attention with ears and tail up, she’s all min pin.

Puppy Mill Survivor

When I found her on a rescue website, her name was ‘Trouble’. With that sweet face, that just wouldn’t do. So I picked two possible names, Trudy or Ruby, and I sent them to my close friend’s two little girls to choose. They picked Ruby.”

Ruby’s Sweet Face

“She has the best facial expressions, like when she curls a lip up over a tooth. She’s recently been diagnosed with heart disease so I’m bringing her into the office more often to keep a close eye on her. I love having her here and so do my co-workers. Cheyanne actually came in one morning to ask if she could pet Ruby to de-stress from her morning. We happily obliged!”

Note: Ruby passed to heart disease shorty after this article was written. Her medication cocktail was meant to give her some more months with Stacey, but her little heart just couldn't take it. We miss you, Ruby!

Ruby belongs to Stacey Gregory, a DTN Email Communications Specialist at Simpleview.


Gala might be a Rottweiler, plus Boston Terrier or Boxer. But she’s commonly known as a Sonoran Terrier.

Apple Red

I named her Gala - because she is just a party of a dog, but also a classy one. Also after the best kind of apple because she wears a lot of red.”

Better at my job

“Gala loves to play fetch with five-foot-long logs. We go hiking a lot out by Gates Pass. Getting up to walk her throughout the day helps with the creative process involved in programming. Moving around forces me to think about problems from a new perspective. Also, it is nice to talk through bugs I am experiencing with her. It allows me to be better at my job.”

Gala belongs to Peter Reynolds, a CRM Developer at Simpleview.

Socky & Chibi

Socky & Chibi are Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a very active dog breed.

What’s in a Name?

Socky got his name because his legs look like he is using socks. Chibi in Japanese means "cute", "little things" and since he was the little brother and small and cute, that's why we decided to call him Chibi.”

Two is better than one

“Socky is a big dog in a short body. He always protects Chibi among other dogs. Chibi has a blue eye, doesn't like to play chase, and likes to whine A LOT. I bring them into the office probably once a month; I think it brings more benefit to my coworkers, as they like to come visit and play with them.”

Socky & Chibi belong to Linda Tandjung, a Business Intelligence Specialistat Simpleview.