Travel Daily News recently reported that destination weddings are on the rise, as more than 350,000 destination weddings take place annually and 70 percent of these take place in the continental United States. This figure represents 24 percent of the total yearly weddings.

This information was compiled in collaboration with and as part of their second Destination Weddings Study. They captured information on trends, locations, events and other information from couples who had a destination wedding in 2011 or 2012.

For destination marketing organizations (DMOs), this is great news and information to help solidify any strategies to attract couples or work with wedding/event planners on promoting their region. Additionally, this provides support for any DMOs who are actively trying to promote members or partners that can have a major role in a couple's special day, including florists, cake decorators, reception venues and more.

Destination weddings offer additionally attractive aspects for DMOs and its members/partners too. For example, the study found that these traveling couples typically spend more on their guests than those in traditional weddings - $225 per guest for domestic destination weddings compared to the $137 per guest national average. Many of these couples will also book group activities such as a sightseeing tour for their guests.

For more information, read the full article on Travel Daily News or's press release on their study findings.