Photos and videos are a huge part of destination marketing. Visual content is a major driving factor for consumers looking to book their next getaway. Luckily for destination marketers, there is no shortage of visual content (for most that is).

When it comes to photos and videos, it’s not only the quality and quantity of the content that matters, it’s how you manage all of that content. This is where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system comes into play. It’s a tool that allows brands to store, organize, manage and distribute their mass amounts of digital content. Whether you have a library of 500 or 50,000 files, it’s essential that these assets are easy to find and don’t get into the wrong hands.

For Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), there are a few essentials that a DAM should have in order to properly manage all of that visual content:


Terms & Conditions/Rights Management


Having the appropriate terms and conditions, credits, use information in place is a crucial component of managing assets. If the wrong assets get into the wrong hands or a photographer credit isn’t used when it’s supposed to be, it could mean a long and expensive legal battle. Your DAM should provide various options to ensure this information is accessible and seen by users downloading content.

In addition to the information provided to users, you’ll need tools to limit the content that users have access to. When we talk about users, we’re talking about anyone who is accessing your library – from staff to media. It’s likely you don’t want media to have access to all of your content. In Barberstock, you can control this through Access Groups.

Another handy tool to control your assets is the option to design the users workflow. Whether you want them to have approval to access your library or go through an approval process, whether you want them to accept your Terms & Conditions just the first time they access your library or each time, whether you want them to be able to download files without approval or enter in a reason for each download. You should have full control over how users are downloading assets and how much information you’d like from those users.


Time-Saving Tools


Asset management can be time consuming if not done effectively. If a photo request takes more than 2 minutes, you need a DAM. The two major time-savers DMOs need is searching and sharing content.

Files should be organized into Categories or Folders and tagged with the appropriate keywords/metadata in order to be found quickly and easily. With visual recognition software, keywords are applied to images upon upload saving your team a ton of time (videos coming soon!).

When it comes to sharing, you can either allow people to have access to your library (where everything is tracked) or you can use Collections to share content within the system or through an external link. No limits to the amount of files or file sizes making asset distribution quick, easy and efficient.


Video Management


Video is dominating the visual content world. People engage better with videos and it continues to grow in popularity. For DMOs b-roll is a major part of their video arsenal. Because of this, video is something we focus on heavily in Barberstock. As video files are becoming larger and larger, there is no limit to the file sizes stored within the system. Large files such as 4K are also converted into smaller sizes making them usable for online purposes.

B-roll video footage comes in all shapes and sizes, but a best practice that we encourage is to cut larger b-roll files down into shorter clips. In fact, our team can do this for you with our Full-Service Support. People don’t want to download huge files that they have to scroll through to find the right shot, they want short, bite-sized clips that they can quickly browse through and find what they need instantly.




Reporting is an integral piece of marketing. It’s an integral piece of asset management as well. From knowing exactly who is downloading your content to your most popular downloads to what people are searching for, all of this data can be used towards your visual content marketing strategy. If you know people are searching for a local attraction within your destination and you only have out-dated photos, it’s time to schedule a photo shoot. Or maybe people are searching for a specific location and none of your files are tagged with this location – now you know to revise your metadata. DAM reports can assist with content planning, library auditing and identifying if and when files have been downloaded.


Full-Service Support


Barberstock is the only DAM to offer Full-Service support. What does this mean? If there’s something our team can do for you when it comes to organizing your asset library, we’ll do it! We know that DMOs are short on time and resources. As DAM experts, we know the in’s and outs of getting your content organized and searchable. From cleaning up metadata to organizing files into Categories or uploading and deleting content, our team will do what we can to take the work off of our clients plates. Learn more about our Full-Service DAM and how DMOs are using it here.