Destinations with foothold in unique regional cuisine can take advantage of food and wine enthusiasts that enjoy exploring new destinations by offering the best of both worlds with a culinary tourism travel package. Culinary tours, food and wine events, and foodie competitions give travelers a chance to visit a new destination and sample local or regional cuisine. A culinary adventure can be a welcome change from the standard travel itinerary.

Culinary tours and travel packages can include a wide range of activities related to cooking including: 

  • food sampling
  • wine making
  • dining events
  • cooking competitions
  • winery and brewery tours
  • tours of restaurants and food manufacturing plants
  • conferences and events with culinary professionals and cookbook authors
  • ethnic food tastings
According to the International Culinary Tourism Association, culinary tourism is growing exponentially every year. With the steady increase in interest of food channels, travel shows featuring local and regional cuisine, food documentaries and online culinary travel shows, more consumers are traveling to various destinations just to enjoy a new food and wine experience.

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