In the last few months, we’ve hosted not one but two virtual CRM quiz shows for your trivia pleasure! During both of those events, several tricky questions came up that left some of our participants stumped. We’ve compiled these double-jeopardy questions — and their answers — so you can fully understand the Simpleview CRM!


  1. Fam Trips and Site Inspections are the same thing. True or False?
    False: Although part of the same user group, Fam Trips are for showcasing your destination, while Site Inspections allow the client to make the final selection. Each has different functions within the CRM.
  2. Completing brochure requests in the Consumer User Group is accomplished by what?
    Fill Report: When a brochure is added to an Inquiry, this automatically adds the brochure to a Fill Report that you can use to print mailing labels and mark the brochures as delivered (or "filled"). 
    Learn more: Standard Reports: Consumer Fill Report
  3. Which CRM user group’s Form Builder forms have an Email Duplicate Check?
    Consumer: We want to capture that leisure traveler information. We might do this by building a form that goes onto your website and have that information flow automatically into your CRM to create a record. CRM uses that person’s email address to ensure we don’t already have a record. This prevents duplicates in your system. 
    Learn more: Creating Forms
  4. GDPR and CASL are acronyms associated with what topic?
    Data Privacy: GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a law put into place in the EU to protect the transfer and use of personal data. CASL stands for Canada Anti-Spam Law which is a federal law put in place in Canada dealing with spam and other electronic threats. 
    Learn more: Processing CRM Data in Compliance With GDPR Right to Be Forgotten | Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL) Resources
  5. Reports that Simpleview builds or modifies for your DMO are categorized as what?
    Bureau Reports: Bureau reports are custom reports built by Simpleview, as requested by a DMO. When you need a complex report built or a standard report cloned and modified, you can speak with your CRM Project Manager and request that Simpleview build a Bureau Report. 
    Bureau Reports can be altered once created, but a Simpleview developer must make the modification. You can also share your reports with other DMOs by using the Share This Report feature.
    Learn more: Admin: Managing Reports in CRM and the Extranet
  6. If you’re looking at a grid view and cannot see the record you are looking for, it may be because … ?
    Either the record was never created, the record is in another user group or the filter settings are set to exclude that record from your view. It’s a good idea to check each of these before creating a new record.
    Learn more: The Standard Grid in CRM
  7. Where in the CRM would you go to anonymize a Contact record?
    The Data Subject & Anonymization Report: This report is really an action. Once you identify that record, the “anonymize” button scrambles data on the applicable record(s), but it does not delete that data or that record's history. This allows for the privacy of that individual to be maintained because it is no longer accessible to CRM users.
    Learn more: Standard Reports: Data Subject and Anonymization
  8. Who can see the Snapshot tab in the Meeting Sales User Group?
    Only System Administrators can view, edit or delete Snapshot records. They can see changes to the Lead over time. If there is a big swing in the number of room rate requests or a big change in pricing, system administrators can go back and see an overview of how that Lead was originally entered.
    Learn more: What is Snapshot?
  9. What is the best practice name for the Profile associated with the Lead titled “2020 Annual Marketing Summit?”
    Annual Marketing Summit: The Profile is the regularly recurring meeting or event from which we build the Lead. It does not need a date because it should be more generic. The date should be associated with the specific Lead.
    Learn more: Meeting Sales: Creating, Viewing and Updating Profiles
  10. Where in the CRM would you go to duplicate activities from an existing Fam Trip to a new one?
    Use the “Import Activities” button on the new Fam: The itinerary tab on Fam Trip/Site Inspector contains an ‘Import Activities’ button. If you have created a master Fam with all of your activities, this button allows you to import only the ones you select into the next Fam. From there, all you have to do is change the times, making your work much more efficient!
    Learn more: FAM / Site Inspection: Itinerary Builder
  11. If you wanted to find all Accounts with a specific Tag, what will NOT work?
    Clicking on the Tag from any account record: You can’t identify the associated accounts from the Assigned Tags section. You can only add or remove tags at the Account level. You can find all Accounts associated with a Tag within the Accounts Tag Detail by selecting the “Add Accounts” button, by using a global search or by creating a search for a specific tag.
    Learn more: Using Tags for Your Member/Partner Accounts
  12. Where would you go to update the staff member who gets notified when a partner submits an Event via the Extranet?
    Admin > Extranet Emails > ‘EventsPending’ Setting: This is a great way to stay informed as staff receive an automatic notification when Member/Partner/Stakeholders update their Extranet records.
    Learn more: Admin: Extranet Emails
  13. If a meeting does not include room nights, can it still be considered a Lead in CRM?
    No, it cannot: You may call it a Lead, and you may fill out a Lead form, but the reporting will not reflect it. We use Destination International’s standards on what a qualified lead is, and they define it as room night requests. Otherwise, they should be considered “Service Requests.” 
    Learn more: Service Request Basics