Any SEO will tell you that the content underneath the SEO techniques has become ever more critical over the past decade. This is by (Google's) design: ultimately, a good search engine algorithm seeks to understand and rate content the same way that a human mind would, and the major players in the space have invested countless dollars and hours in making that happen. All the considerations we address with our SEO service are still critical (technical accessibility, appropriate keyword usage, speed and performance, etc), but they can't accomplish much without high-quality, relevant content.

So what does *that* mean? In advising our clients in the DMO industry over the past decade we've learned a lot about what works for the leisure tourism audience. Everything starts with careful keyword research, which can tell us not just the specific terms that people put into search engines when they're looking for inspiration and information on travel, but also what related concepts we need to fold into our content to create a truly effective resource. Then we have to determine what length, format, and publishing schedule would best serve each topic and its audience.

In order to work through and explain all the nuances affecting these factors, we created a chapter on Content in our annual State of DMO Search report. Get your copy today to help your organization make the most out of its content marketing and SEO resources.