Yes, Stackla can show you a stream of your destinations top influencers, all in one spot in whatever order you want.

You know who they are. Those photographers in your destination who are always posting the most incredible pictures. You may be sorting through hundreds of hashtagged photos and the shots from the same handful of Instagrammers always seem to be the ones that catch your eye.

With Stackla, you can cut through the clutter and only see a stream of photographs from the influencers and top photographers whom you know. Here’s how:

  1. Make a list of the Instagram users you want to see consistently.
    All you need is their username. Compile the list with the @ symbol before each name.
  2. Create a search term within Stackla for a hashtag that these influencers often use. 
    Perhaps this is your DMO’s hashtag? Perhaps it's the name of your destination? Or maybe they’re using a global hashtag like #photography or #ig. Create a term for a hashtag of your choice. You’ll have the opportunity to add more hashtags soon.

    Stackla Blog 2- Search term
  3. In the Term creation section, create and add a tag.
    You can call it whatever you like, but we suggest something like “influencers.”

    Stackla 3-Term creation section
  4. In the advanced tab of the term, paste in your list in the “Instagram User Whitelist box.”
    This tells Stackla to only find content from these specific users.

    Stackla -4- advanced tab of the term
  5. Go back to the “Terms” portion of Stackla and clone your newest term. Change the hashtag to another commonly used hashtag used by influencers. 
    The tag and whitelist will carry over to your cloned term. All you need to do is change the hashtag. Do this with several different hashtags so that you don’t miss any photos. It should only take about 30 seconds to clone and save a term!

    Stackla - 5- Clone new term

  6. In the Content section of Stackla, sort by the tag that you applied in your search terms.
    This will allow you to see all of the content specifically brought in by the search terms that included your influencer whitelist.

    Stackla-6- sorting tags


If you have a list of influencers and knowledge of some common hashtags they use, this whole process can be done in 15 minutes. After that, you have a never-ending steady stream of the best content about your destination from the most influential people. It’s that easy!

Once your Stackla platform has found enough influencer content, you’re free to place those photos on website widgets or acquire the rights to use them via the Rights Management features within Stackla.

Are you interested in a demo of Stackla’s searching and sorting capabilities? Contact your Simpleview account manager to arrange a session with one of Simpleview’s social media specialists.