Tucson, December 13, 2011 - Simpleview is pleased to announce the website redesign of Cobb County Convention and Visitors Bureau - now Cobb Travel and Tourism. The DMO rebranded last month with TG Madison, the DMO's agency of record.


Cobb County CVB_old  Cobb Travel & Tourism 

The new Cobb Travel and Tourism is virtually unrecognizable when compared against their old website. The once blue and teal color palette of their old website has been replaced with a more modern, sleek look highlighted by a bright white background and orange accent colors.

Cobb Travel and Tourism didn't stop there, taking it a step further with the rebranding of their name, logo and website domain change, from CobbCVB.com to TravelCobb.org.

In addition to integrations with Google Maps, Travelocity and the Destination Travel Network, modules of the new website include special offers, a meeting planner login & RFP application and detailed partner listings. Atlanta's sweet spot also features a stylish Calendar of Events with the option to submit an event online, as well as a Media section with Press Releases, Media Outlets and an updated Video and Photo Tour with the option to download both lo-res and high-res images.

Cobb County CVB now Cobb Travel and Tourism -Check it out at www.CobbTravel.org