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In the first five months of 2022, Simpleview launched 31 shiny new websites — including 18 redesigns for current clients and 13 sites for new clients that Simpleview recently welcomed into the CMS family. Let’s pop some bubbly for a toast while we show off a few dazzling websites you will want to see.

Fisherman's Wharf

A long-time Simpleview CRM customer, Fisherman’s Wharf was beginning to come out of its shell … no pun intended. The team was seeking new opportunities to promote the destination as more than just a tourist trap. They came to the table wanting to go a different direction than what’s been done traditionally, while still staying true to the seaside brand. So, how did Simpleview do in conveying their iconic messaging? Take a look for yourself!

screenshot of Fisherman's Wharf homepage


sceenshots of Swain County NC, Fisherman's Wharf, and Boulder homepage

Swain County NC

Swain County Tourism Development Authority was a brand new organization when it signed on with Simpleview. The team was looking to create new and compelling content and a website to boot. Simpleview did a visual identity redesign for them — the rest is history! “Everyone is in agreement that [Simpleview has] done a fabulous job in identifying Bryson City," said Mary Anne Baker, Executive Director at Swain County Tourism Development Authority. Want to see that “fabulous job?” Check it out here.



It’s always flattering when our clients wish to lean on our expertise, and that's exactly what happened with this redesign. The Boulder team approached Simpleview chocked full of ideas on how they wanted to improve their website with things like a revamped sitemap architecture, optimized form pages, and overall SMART website goals. Not to toot our own horn, but check out how we did.

screenshot of Boulder homepage


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