They say necessity is the mother of invention. DMO necessity for cleaner, more efficient processes and compelling, engaging websites led Simpleview to create the first iteration of Simpleview CMS (affectionately known as 1.0). Over a decade ago, it was groundbreaking. Today, it's the lovable grandparent of our latest innovation: the new Simpleview CMS.

End of an Era

On September 2, the last DMO website running on CMS 1.0 was upgraded to today's platform, a full two versions evolved in technology. As the first content management system in the travel and tourism space to integrate with CRM, Simpleview's industry-specific 1.0 was once a revolutionary tool for DMOs. That integration, while infinitely more developed, remains an invaluable advantage of the Simpleview CRM/CMS experience.

CMS 1.0

The CMS team could not be happier with 1.0's run. In an age that rapidly phases out technology in just a couple of years, 1.0 withstood the test of time and continued to save DMOs time and money for nearly a decade and a half. You can expect the same amount of research, development, listening and learning from the new Simpleview CMS, and better yet, thanks to the raw power of the SaaS platform, you can enjoy the fruits of those efforts rolled out at no additional cost.

CMS 3.0

So, help us celebrate the retirement of 1.0, without which many DMOs would still be duplicating data entry and marketing efforts abroad. As we continue to look ahead and develop extraordinary solutions for everyday problems, let us leverage the same hard work, innovation, and evolution that went into Simpleview's original CMS.

To our incredible web team and hardworking partners: Keep the collaboration going. We've got a lot of great years ahead of us and many more successes to celebrate together.

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