Regional Requirements

Unsatisfied the with their previous Digital Asset Management system, The Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network came to Barberstock because they needed a collective database that could both unify their network of three tourism bureaus, while also keeping each individual photo library distinguishable from the others. They also needed better branding, automation and a more cohesive user request system—all tasks that Barberstock successfully tackled head on. Now, with their new system, downloads have increased significantly, while all three bureaus enjoy the ease and efficiency of working within a unified platform.

About Cincinnati USA RTN

The Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network (RTN) drives leisure and business travel for the Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau (meetNKY CVB). Their partnership has the goal of significantly expanding the region’s tourism marketing efforts. Located along the banks of the Ohio River, the region spans portions of three states – Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

The Challenge

With the Cincinnati RTN, Cincinnati CVB and meetNKY CVB each owning individual asset libraries, they wanted one central platform to bring all assets together. As a region, the goal was to attain a cohesive digital asset library. Unsatisfied with their current DAM system, they sought out a new solution for the following reasons:

  • They wanted a more on-brand, sophisticated look, in addition to simple, user-friendly features.
  • With their unique regional partnership, the RTN needed the platform to be tailored to each region’s specific needs.
  • They had hours of uncut b-roll footage that needed to be split into usable segments.

The Solution

Passionate about addressing every one of RTN’s specific requirements, Barberstock created a system that was both easy to use and able to perform a complex number of tasks. With it:

  • The logos have been unified so each partner is equally represented.
  • The entire digital library from each of the three bureaus has been uploaded to the system, and organized in a way so they are easily distinguishable from each other.
  • New user requests have been set up to allow a representative from each organization to receive the request and respond accordingly.
  • New levels of access have been implemented, ensuring the right users have access to the right content.
  • Barberstock’s video clip-cutting services split b-roll footage into usable portions—saving the network both time and money.

The Result

Now, with 3000 images and over 1000 videos hosted on the platform, the RTN has seen over 8000 downloads . The new system has streamlined their workflow by allowing media and partners to access the library and download what they need instantly. With Barberstock’s services, they have seen a massive increase in ease and efficiency. They have improved the usability and downloads of their photos and videos—all attributes that have helped ensure their region’s tourism success across the globe.