Tucson, October 31, 2011 - Simpleview proudly presents an update of VisitChesapeake.com that captures the unique historic, natural and adventurous feel of Chesapeake, Va.

An aged and denim overlay on the background picture and widgets speak of Chesapeake's rustic Visit Chesapeake main nav history.  Brightly colored widgets and a picture of a landscape as the background beckon site visitors to experience all that Chesapeake has to offer. The unique main image navigator states "CHOOSE YOUR ESCAPE ROUTE," acting as a gateway (just like Chesapeake) to many different activities such as outdoors adventures, dining, shopping, and more. The site shows that a visit to Chesapeake makes life easy, with great accommodations, good food and incredible service. Visit Chesapeake itinerary widget

Chesapeake's user-friendly website makes life easy too! Additional functionality is gained with itinerary module, newsletter sign-up, special offers, an events widget and links to flickr and twitter. Making it even easier for visitors to plan and share their next trip to Chesapeake, Va.

Come experience Chesapeake, Va. you owe it to yourself!

 Visit Chesapeake old site  Visit Chesapeake updated look