In case you haven’t heard, Apple is about to change the way we do email marketing. While there are still many questions to be answered, we here at Simpleview are taking a positive approach. 

The original press release from Apple can be found here. Additional information and details on this privacy update have yet to be released from Apple directly, including the exact release date, which is currently listed as sometime between September and November 2021. However, this has set the rumor mill off and running. After August 1, 2021, you can check in the Apple newsroom to see if more information has been released.

What’s Happening with Apple Mail

Apple Mail Privacy is going to stop senders from using the 1x1 pixel in emails to track open rates and other data on which marketers base their roadmaps. This means users will be able to turn off open tracking, block their IP address, and hide their email address. 

These features will be available to those using iOS 15 with Apple Mail. Any email opened from the Apple Mail app – no matter which email service is used, such as Gmail or a work account. However, this shouldn’t affect other email apps used on Apple devices like the Gmail app on an iPhone. These updates will change how we’ve tracked the efficacy of email campaigns for the last two decades. 

What You Can Do Now

Since we know so little officially, now is the time to reevaluate a few strategies and get ready for fall (or spring, depending on your hemisphere). 

  1. If you don’t already know this statistic, the first thing to do is find out how much of your email list is regularly opening emails with Apple Mail. This can be done through your email marketing platform. If you use Act-On, you can contact your Marketing Automation Specialist at Simpleview for more information on how to do this. 
  2. Track your click-to-open rate if you aren't already. This additional baseline will help you going forward. Other metrics to watch include Unsubscribes, List Growth, Conversion Rate, and Website Traffic. Continue to monitor your list hygiene because with the way tracking opens are changing, your open rate might no longer determine your reputation score.
  3. Right now is a great time to run a re-engagement program as part of your email marketing strategy. Re-engagement campaigns are important for list hygiene and should be a fairly regular occurrence in your organization. If they aren’t, this is a great time to set one up and get that list cleaned out. 

The best defense is a good offense, and this is true with your email marketing strategy. As marketers, we are constantly having to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. Right now is the time to tighten up your list hygiene, privacy policies, and sender reputation. This will leave you in a good spot when the changes from Apple come, no matter what they might be.