Already a Simpleview Customer Relationship Management (CRM) user, Visit Knoxville, Tennessee's 2015 Destination Marketing Organization of the Year, chose to apply Destination Travel Network's managed online advertising services to their website. DTN integrated their ad platform and began selling online advertising, which generated a new and consistent revenue flow for Visit Knoxville. The DMO chose to use this new income to work with Simpleview to design and build a new website on the Simpleview Content Management System (CMS).


Choosing the integrated solution of Simpleview CMS, Simpleview CRM, and DTN not only meant a new site, but a seamlessly integrated marketing strategy for consistent, efficient, and smoothly connected user experiences for visitors, partners, and staff. Once the new site launched, DTN continued to help the DMO provide exposure and referrals to local tourism and hospitality-related businesses, while also providing a continued revenue stream for the bureau from the ad sales.

Once Visit Knoxville transitioned to Simpleview CMS and launched their new website utilizing DTN, their referrals and ad revenue rapidly increased. Several factors contributed to these positive results:  

  • Simpleview's website designs are ad-friendly, allowing for the promotion of local businesses in an unobtrusive way that doesn't detract from user experience.
  • With a new responsive site like Knoxville's, ads are seen across all devices, even tablets and mobile phones.
  • Simpleview's search engine optimization best practices encourage increased site and ad visibility and impressions.
  • A new website generates excitement among members, partners, and others, and even more engagement occurs on the site, where visitors can be converted to travelers and customers.


This powerful marketing integration with DTN paid off immensely for all involved. Advertising referrals more than quintupled within months of launching the new site, with the new Visit Knoxville website generating over five times the DTN referrals of the old site.

While the old site provided 3,757 website referrals, the new site provided 15,139 website referrals. Ad revenue has increased by almost 60% since the new website launch, and ad performance has increased 400%.

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