"Dine Out Vancouver" is Canada's largest annual dining celebration, with 300 participating restaurants catering to tens of thousands of locals and visitors alike. To help promote the event, Tourism Vancouver created the website Reaching 450,000 visitors and generating 6 million page views in January alone, Tourism Vancouver wanted to monetize the website and connect more visitors with local business during the festival by utilizing the Destination Travel Network (DTN).


Tourism Vancouver received a zero-cost work order for DTN to manage all aspects of the online advertising program, giving the DMO partners the opportunity to increase exposure and advertise on the website.

DTN worked with Tourism Vancouver on ad placement opportunities as well as creative guidelines to ensure a uniform look and feel for advertisements throughout the site. Soon after, the DTN Ad Operations team set-up the ad server and website, and was ready for use in just one week. The first e-mail marketing campaign announcing the ad program was issued on December 16, 2014 to over 300 Vancouver industry partners and boasted a 51% open rate, and sales commenced.

DTN's services included:   

  • Advertising sales
  • Marketing
  • Ad operations/ad server administration
  • Website & mobile integration
  • Ad contract management including invoicing/accounting  


In only 16 days, DTN helped Tourism Vancouver to connect more visitors with more local businesses at zero effort for the DMO, and equitable costs to the advertisers. During this campaign, DTN served advertisers over 10 million impressions and 30 thousand clicks with an overall 0.34% click-through rating (CTR); which is considerably above the industry average for display advertising. In part due to the success of this initial engagement, DTN is now entirely managing all of Tourism Vancouver's online ad programs! 

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