Visit Greenville SC is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) for Greenville, South Carolina. Famous for blending southern charm with "contemporary cool," Visit Greenville SC had three goals in mind after completing a recent redesign: increased web traffic, higher social media engagement, and ROI income generation.


After strategizing with their Simpleview team, Visit Greenville SC decided to build an interactive and immersive Social Media Photo Plugin to achieve its goals. The plan was for partner ads and social posts to be displayed across tile and slider widgets, showcasing user-generated content.

Once the project was complete, Visit Greenville SC launched a special campaign using the hashtag #yeahthatgreenville to promote the new brand and website integration. The end results of these efforts far surpassed Visit Greenville SC's goals.


In April 2014, Visit Greenville SC had over 15,000 posts with their #yeahthatgreenville hashtag, growing by approximately 1,000 tags per month. In addition, the curated content that was established from Visit Greenville SC ‘s Social Photo Import Plugin resulted in an 83% increase
in web traffic to the DMO's website.

Not only did Visit Greenville SC have a 300% inquiry and 57% public relation increase, but they now boast a new regional and state recognized website, populated with daily user content and membership.