Each September, the Scottsdale CVB hosts one of their largest annual meetings, requiring tremendous effort from various CVB staff members. Prior to using the Simpleview Mobile CRM, the staff manually processed registrations, distributed invoices, and tracked all on-site check-ins via printouts as attendees arrived. After discovering the Scottsdale CVB's prior issues, Simpleview staff recommended the RSVP module to streamline their process and allow more time to focus on other areas of the event.


The day of the event, laptops were ready to go for check-in and on-site registration. The RSVP module proved to provide numerous efficiencies on the day of the CVB's meeting. There were fewer staff required to assist with registration and check-in, payments were accepted and processed on-site, and the staff was provided real-time attendance numbers and data through Simpleview CRM.


The Scottsdale CVB was thrilled by the impact the RSVP module had on one of their largest annual meetings. As Eric Paschal, Director of Information Technology stated, "Registration is typically one of the more frustrating parts about hosting or attending events - it seems that no matter what you do to prepare there is always something that comes up. However, by utilizing the RSVP module, we were able to take a proactive approach for our attendees, and ultimately provide a great event."

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