The Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) began utilizing Simpleview's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management services in October 2014. Prior to this time, the CVB had been handling these efforts in-house, which presented some growth and optimization challenges in the team's daily tasks. The Daytona Beach Area CVB identified the need for a dedicated team of certified paid media experts.


Based on information gathered in the kick-off and discovery call, Simpleview's Paid Media team overhauled the Daytona Beach Area CVB's AdWords account to boost performance. Two significant changes would provide an opportunity to reach the right audiences in an optimal way: enhanced geo-targeting and the number of campaigns implemented.

When Simpleview begins PPC optimizations with new clients, it is not uncommon to see campaigns targeted to the same geographic area. For Daytona Beach, Simpleview opted to create multiples of the same campaign, each targeted to a different location: the U.S. (excluding Georgia, California, and Florida), the U.K., and California, Georgia, and Florida individually. This approach was based on extensive research in Google Analytics to determine which areas were already driving the most reach and engaged traffic through other channels. Segmenting campaigns based on geo-targeted locations allowed for specific tailored messaging and optimizations, as well as better controlled bids for specific locations. (For example, what works for the Georgia audience may not necessarily work for the U.K. audience.)

Another key adjustment was made within the campaign structures. Previously, Daytona Beach was only using five campaigns: hotels, arts, bike events, branded events, and golf, which proved to limit their audience significantly. Simpleview created additional relevant campaigns, including: water activities, shopping, restaurants, outdoors, and more. By building out additional campaigns, Daytona Beach appeared in more Google searches, thus increasing awareness and generating more site visits, ultimately providing more opportunities for conversion. 

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