The Innovation Norway website is a model example of how Simpleview's integrated solutions carry out core destination marketing functions on an enormous scale.

Innovation Norway, the Norwegian government's primary instrument for empowering Norwegian enterprises and industry, selected Simpleview as its travel and tourism development partner following an extensive international bidding process that was narrowed down to six global agencies. Upon granting the business to Simpleview, Hans Petter Aalmo, Web Manager at Innovation Norway, made a statement regarding their shift of mindset and the reason they chose Simpleview. "We didn't want to be in the technology business anymore... we want to focus on the destination marketing business, and therefore we wanted a destination marketing platform."

Providing the infrastructure and platform for the new, which currently provides information and tools to more than 20 million website visitors annually, has proven to be an enormous success. The site was built as a country-wide encompassing platform for visitors, with the option to showcase specific cities or regions.

Powered by Simpleview CMS and integrated with Simpleview's CRM Aggregator for travel and tourism sales, marketing, and reporting, the Innovation Norway website is an impressive illustration of how Simpleview's integrated solutions carry out necessary destination marketing functions on a tremendous scale.

The Innovation Norway CMS build in particular included a number of custom features, such as a Content Ownership extension, a custom map and itinerary builder with route planner, plus a dynamic search field. Innovation Norway leverages the new Content Ownership functionality to allow regional content owners to manage specific sections of the country site. Meanwhile,
visitors are guided through the large collection of content more quickly with the assistance of intuitive search.

Another impressive custom feature created for is the e-learning portal. This resource offers a variety of educational projects and packages for members and partners in varying regions, empowering them to become certified experts on Norway.

To address any possible language barriers, the Innovation Norway website was built with navigation for 15 different translations, including three different dialects of English (U.K., U.S., International) in the .com domain. The in-depth content translations were all hand-curated for the best possible reception.

The construction of these distinctive features helps Simpleview work towards eventually expanding our offerings for all clients, and demonstrates how innovation and finding the best solutions to meet clients' specific needs remain at the forefront of Simpleview's processes.


For more details on the Innovation Norway web functionality, features, and design, read our blog post and visit the site at