Looking to improve their website, Experience Grand Rapids worked with Destination Analysts to conduct a study that would determine what aspects they should focus on. This information aided Simpleview in its successful website redesign for Experience Grand Rapids. 


The study consisted of a series of in-depth interviews with fifteen leisure travelers who expressed interest in the travel experiences Grand Rapids offers. Participants accessed the site on either a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone during their usability session.


  • Assess the current site's overall design
  • Examine specific functionality offered on the current site
  • Gather feedback on the current content offerings
  • Understand the overall effectiveness of the website
  • Generate ideas for features, functions and content additions

Upon the study's conclusion, Experience Grand Rapids worked with Simpleview to make various changes to heir website. For example, sections that appeal to those considering visiting Grand Rapids, such as the "Top 10 Reasons to Visit," were given a more prominent placement on the relevant page. Visually, the DMO's previous website was perceived as too dark, ultimately missing the positive and pristine Michigan vibe," as survey participants assumed the destination was primarily for night activities. To counter his perception, images and videos were updated throughout the website to provide a more accurate representation of the destination's offerings.

Through investing in a study to determine how they could enhance their website, Experience Grand Rapids received invaluable feedback from Destination Analysts. Website users can now visit and find a highly visual experience that showcases attractions, dining, and events or any type of visitor.

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