The Scottsdale CVB became a Simpleview client in 2001, but after more than 10 years on the platform, was interested in trying out Software Management Inc.'s (SMI) D3000 platform with the hopes of creating specific customizations and functionality. After the transition began, the CVB realized many features that were included with Simpleview CRM were considered additional scope on the D3000 platform, such as its core functionality, support, and trainings.

Almost a year later, the Scottsdale CVB was still transitioning to the D3000 platform when Simpleview announced the SMI acquisition. The news provided the CVB an opportunity to re-evaluate their contract and decide how to proceed based on their organizational goals. Ultimately, the Scottsdale CVB selected to transition back to the Simpleview CRM platform.


The CVB staff worked closely with their Simpleview account team to discover functionality that would not only meet their specific organization needs, but also provide efficiencies in their daily tasks. "The Simpleview team was always one step ahead throughout the training process and answered questions before we could even think of them," stated Eric Paschal, Director of Information Technology. 


The relationship between Simpleview and the Scottsdale CVB has turned into a trusted partnership, where both organizations continuously challenge and motivate each other. Through ongoing meetings, trainings, and on-site visits, the CVB now has the knowledge and toolsets needed to maximize daily operations.  

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