The Butler County Visitors Bureau, a small destination marketing organization that serves southwest Ohio, invested in a DMO-specific customer relationship management (CRM) system in 2008. The entire staff initially adopted the CRM solution, however, their use of it completely diminished as they realized that the product was:

  • "Not giving us what we really wanted"
  • "Not specialized in areas we needed to be specialized in"
  • "Not as customizable as we wanted"


Two years later, the visitors bureau still wanted a robust CRM solution, but were wary of investing in something that once again may not be completely utilized.

BCVB's needs aligned perfectly with Simpleview CRM. The complete core build with free implementation, no long-term contract and single-user access offered a price point that would allow the bureau's entire team to use the product with no financial risk.


Simpleview CRM provides:

  • A simpler interface and better usability
  • Intuitive processes that don't require extensive training
  • "Bells and whistles" that allow them to do more
  • The convenience of cloud-based access
  • Free ongoing education through live and archived webinars

For BCVB Executive Director Mark Hecquet, Simpleview CRM is a solution that makes economic sense for his immediate and long-term goals. Hecquet also appreciates the core product did not include costs for extra functionality he didn't need. "There's no point in the BCVB having a convention module because we don't have a convention center."

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