Albuquerque, New Mexico is truly an ideal destination for someone looking for an authentic Southwest experience. The skies are blue over 300 days a year, there are plenty of local restaurants and shops, and a wide range of festivals showcased throughout the year.

Like many destination marketing organizations (DMOs), the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), was interested in a digital advertising platform that generated enough revenue to reinvest into other marketing needs. Destination Travel Network (DTN) is an all-inclusive solution that manages every aspect of implementation and sales, while generating revenue for the CVB, and providing additional exposure for members and partners.


Albuquerque CVB understood the impact of how utilizing DTN could provide their organization additional revenue, and decided to incorporate the platform as their website was transitioned to Simpleview's CMS. In the months prior to launch, Albuquerque's dedicated DTN Account Executive worked diligently with CVB staff and advertisers to gain a better understanding of their goals, which helped determine the strategy for placement on the website. The CVB incorporated spotlight banners, featured listings, page sponsorships, mobile banners and other options on web pages to reach the approximately 1.4 million annual website visitors.


Albuquerque CVB launched their website with DTN in early 2014 and continues to generate revenue each month. Some key highlights of their success include approximately 13 million advertising impressions and approximately 17,000 clicks to advertiser websites, which demonstrates how the CVB heightens exposure for the members and partners that choose to participate. In addition to DTN, the CVB also utilizes Simpleview for CMS and CRM. "It's much easier to manage website sales when the DMO has Simpleview as their CRM, CMS and DTN provider," states Elise Rogers, Vice President of Development at Albuquerque. "Having a one-stop shop is really efficient and helpful."

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