Like many destination marketing organizations (DMOs), the Columbia Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) was utilizing many resources when creating proposals for potential business opportunities. Although they were still able to close deals, the CVB needed an overall solution that was flexible, visually pleasing, and provided the information needed in a timely manner.


After learning more about Distribion's Bid Book and Collateral Generator platform, "it was easy to conceive how it would work for our team," stated Renee Chow, Director of Marketing at Columbia Metropolitan CVB. Implementing the platform successfully provides flexibility for the DMO and ensures their messaging is visually cohesive throughout the documents.

In addition, the Columbia Metropolitan CVB's Marketing department maintains control of the assets to establish consistency, which makes it easy for their Sales team to record and pull information to generate proposals as needed. It's not uncommon for business opportunity requests to have a fast turnaround, and Distribion's Bid Book and Collateral Generator provides the Columbia Metropolitan CVB with a tool that can address those needs in an efficient and effective way.


Since implementing the Bid Book and Collateral Generator, the Columbia Metropolitan CVB has received many compliments from various sources about the professional look of their proposals. Between the flexibility, ease of use, and integration with other Simpleview products, it's easy to understand why Distribion's Bid Book is a great option for DMOs of all sizes. Whether you work in a marketing or sales department at a DMO or are a meeting planner, this platform will help streamline your proposal process and showcase your destination to the people that matter most.

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