April's tip comes from Marla Allen, Convention Sales Research Coordinator at the Spokane Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau.     Marla Allen 

Using filters in 3.0

Filters are a neglected tool in CRM 3.0.  And since filters are found at nearly every level, in every module, I feel it is worth reviewing their usefulness. I primarily work in Meeting/Sales and train the sales team, often I forget about them. 

The primary function of a filter is to focus on a specific type of account, profile, contact, etc., and to reduce the total number of items displayed.  I find it particularly helpful at the trace level, within an account, when I want to see only my traces with a particular trace type.

Also be aware at the communication tab, if you are not finding a communication you are certain was sent, click the filter and select Show All Sent, because it may not show in the default filter of Sent Last 90 Days.

And did you know that you can create a Search, starting with the Accounts Module, build your search, let's say for your top accounts, save the search and select My Filters Only at the dropdown Filter Available.  You now have that list available for you when looking at the list of accounts.

So my tip is, take a few minutes and get familiar with your filters.  They are a useful tool.