A destination's visual identity is integral to the success of a destination marketing organization (DMO). The colors, fonts and symbols used are representative of the experience that a potential visitor can expect from a given destination. A modern, fresh look might be symbolic of a bustling city, while a more classic take could be emblematic of a town filled with rich history. 

In the case of Discover Albany, they needed to convey both of those personas. While the New York capital is certainly filled with the hustle and bustle of a large, exciting metropolis, it is also a city steeped in American history. 

Their current logo, an ode to Henry Hudson, only spoke to the latter part of their image. And while the city’s Dutch influence is certainly a cornerstone of their identity, the team at Discover Albany decided that it was time for them to highlight different parts of Albany’s narrative. Thus, they reached out to Simpleview to begin their journey to rebrand Albany. 

For the Simpleview experience design team, creating a new visual identity for a client is more than just choosing a pretty font and pairing it with a few complementary colors. In fact, almost all of their projects begin with a process called a “destination immersion,” wherein several team members travel to the client site to, quite literally, immerse themselves in the destination. They meet with the client face-to-face, speak with locals and explore the destination’s top highlights and hidden treasures. 

To learn more about the immersion process and how we were able to blend historical influences with contemporary style in Discover Albany’s new visual identity, read the use case.