Want to put powerful social media content to work inspiring travelers to visit your destination? It’s easier than you think with the many features available to you through Simpleview User Generated Content (UGC) powered by Stackla. Find relevant, user-generated photos faster, by subject, location, caption, designated hashtag, or influencer. Repurpose these images on your destination website, social channels, within your emails, and more. Engage with your audiences—from family vacationers to foodies and adventurers—with content that represents their interests, preferred activities, or the latest trends.


1. Visual Recognition: Automatically sort your destination photos by content.
Use artificial intelligence to identify specific images of your destination, based on your needs. 
Stackla’s Visual Recognition feature studies the composition of photos and tags what’s in them. Need a photo of eight pizzas in your destination for an upcoming blog? Search the ‘pizza’ tag within Stackla and you’ll see every pizza photo that Stackla has found from your destination. Want to get more specific? Search ‘pepperoni’ to only find photos with that particular topping. Visual Recognition is that good.


2. Geo-Radius or Geo-Fence Search: Search Instagram photos based on location.
Implement a radius around your most popular attractions and see every related Instagram photo uploaded.
Stackla’s geo-radius and geo-fence search tools let you put a circle or polygon on the map anywhere in the world and see a stream of photos uploaded from within its boundaries. Want to see every Instagram photo uploaded from an attraction, restaurant, stadium, or even your own visitors center? Stackla’s geo-radius and geo-fence searches can do this, and is easy to set up.


3. Caption Keyword Search: Find photos based on captions.
Search by keywords to find photos that use those exact words in the caption. 

This is another way Stackla makes finding precisely the photos and content you want simple. Want to see photos from Instagram users who took a brewery tour in your destination?  Search by “brewery tour”




4. Hashtag Tags: Group hashtags and see every photo tagged with them in one stream.
See a steady stream of photos that use at least one hashtag relevant to your destination. 

It’s possible in Stackla to create terms for each hashtag and then group them together with a tag. Take for example, Nashville. The destination could create one stream of photos that use all of these hashtags: #VisitMusicCity, #VisitNashville and the DMO’s Instagram hashtag #NashvilleLove.




5. Location + Hashtag Search: Limit hashtag search results to your destination.
Searching a popular hashtag worldwide is not an efficient way to find photos of your destination. Searching a popular hashtag with an Instagram location boundary around your destination is. 

Want to see how people are celebrating July 4 at your U.S. destination? Use a location tag of your city or county and combine it with a search of the #FourthofJuly hashtag.




6. Local Influencer Content Sharing: Create a stream of your favorite local influencers.
Share quality photos from local influencers all in one place.

If you’re managing your destination’s social media, you’re probably aware of a few local influencers who consistently share quality photos. Instead of having to search their accounts frequently, create a term in Stackla for each influencer and then group them together by a tag. Next time you log on, you’ll see a stream of photos grouped together from all of your destination’s top influencers.




7. Destination Photo Contests: Engage audiences on your website, and at events.
Highlight and reward photographers for taking pictures of your destination.

Create a competition through the tool in which photos can be voted on by an audience. Then, reward the photos with the most votes at the end of the competition period. Or, at a local event, set up a photo wall that displays a live stream of photos using a hashtag that you select.






All these opportunities are yours for the taking through one resource—Stackla. Can you envision all the ways your photo management and sharing just got easier? All the ways you can market your destination in a more focused and attention-grabbing way … without a lot of wheel spinning? Then it’s time to talk with your Simpleview account manager about adding Stackla to your marketing stack.