If you’ve been considering a career boost or would like to challenge your industry knowledge, then this might be the perfect time to earn your role-based certification from Simpleview.

While there are so many good reasons to think about earning your certification—job improvement through relevant skill building, personal growth, boosting career path potential, experience validation, confidence-building, team strengthening, and more—we know that oftentimes the idea of taking a high-pressure test can present a huge deterrent. However, when it comes to Simpleview’s Certification program, test anxiety should not stop you from taking the next step in your career.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. As our first Member/Partner Mentors celebrate their new certification, we thought they could share a few tips and tricks that led to their success. These participants have been through the rigor of the coursework and exam, and offer some great advice to anyone considering certification. 

Be Enthusiastic

You are about to show the meetings and hospitality industry what you know. Whether you are a seasoned user of Simpleview’s products or a new user, you should expect to learn something new and that’s exciting. Everything you take away should make your job easier or at least more efficient. Claire Vilk from Travel Tacoma + Pierce County signed up to gain a better knowledge of the system. “As an everyday user, I wanted to see what else I could utilize that I maybe wasn’t already. I was excited about the course and wanted to have a better understanding of the system as a whole. Now that I successfully passed the Member/Partner course, I can’t wait for Consumer and Meeting Sales. After passing the exam, I feel more confident in areas that I wasn’t quite sure of.”


Expect Rigor

If the exam was too easy, then it wouldn’t be valued in the industry. But there is a fine line between too easy and too difficult. And we want nothing but success from our participants. That’s why our curriculum specialist and product experts spent extra time connecting the course materials to the exam. This means you have all of the answers to the exam provided throughout the course.

Haley Horkman from Visit South Walton originally expected the course to be easier than it was. “I was really impressed with the development of curriculum created by Simpleview. It truly is something to be proud of after completing.”

Wanting to show her employer the knowledge she had of the system, Gretchen Pardon from Visit Knoxville also wasn’t sure what to expect originally. “The classes and exam were much harder than I expected. Because of the level of difficulty, I feel much more confident about the CRM Member/Partner user group now. I recommend watching each video without distraction and listening closely, as the quizzes were a little tricky. I also highly recommend doing the practice work AND retaking the quizzes a few times before taking the final exam.” 

Complete Every Activity

The various activities provided in each lesson build on your understanding and prepare you for the exam. Winona McCullum from Greater Palm Springs decided to become certified in Member/Partner after working at her CVB for over 11 years.

“Honestly, I was a bit nervous about the exam! Looking back though, I realize that there really wasn’t anything to be nervous about. If you answer the practice questions and do the assignments, you will be good. Most of the questions were in the quizzes. If you get a practice question wrong, go back and listen to the video again so you realize what you missed.”

Now, Winona feels her certification validates her knowledge of the CRM and shows her team her dedication to her job.

Ask For Assistance

One deterrent for many online programs is the lack of engagement. However, our staff is here to ensure your success. Not only do you have ongoing discussions with other participants through the course forum, you can also ask our team for assistance.

Haley told us she wanted to test her skills, learn new ones, and have something on paper to prove her proficiency with the Member/Partner CRM Database. But when she was stuck, she made sure to ask for help.

“I didn’t have a need to connect with other classmates for assistance, but it was helpful to read the tips that other classmates shared in the forum. It is just my preference to email directly with the course instructor to receive answers to my questions.”

Trust the Material

Everything you need to pass the exam is provided. The certification team considered the diverse learning styles of future participants while building each course. There are hands-on activities for the doers, scripts for the readers, as well as videos for the visual and auditory learners. Additionally, there are quizzes throughout that provide instant feedback. Everything you need to succeed is provided throughout the course.

Growing your job-relevant knowledge and improving and proving your technical skills is a great way to boost your professional status. Even if you’re happy with your current position, there is always room for personal growth and team building.

Winona McCullum shares, "Now that I’m certified, I just feel more confident and empowered knowing that I actually do know the product so well. It also lets my team know that I’m knowledgeable about it. I sent my certificate to the boss, so hopefully that will put me on the radar for a raise!”

Madison Graves plans to speak on a panel at the Simpleview Summit regarding adoption of the Extranet. “I am excited to share my Member/Partner knowledge and Visit Frisco’s way of interacting with our partners. I hope to take two other User Group certification courses and become a Master!”

Claire Vilk also plans to use her certification to help her organization. The only way to improve how our organization runs and stays organized, is to have people that know how to utilize the tools at our disposal. And this just better prepares me to help us do that.”

Once you’ve earned your certification, you can post your badge and certificate with pride. Don’t let test anxiety keep you from learning, growing, and expanding your career possibilities. Simpleview’s Certification program was designed with your success in mind.


To learn more about the process for enrolling in an upcoming Simpleview Certification course, visit our information page on the Simpleview site.